Milan, or Milano as the Italians say, was our first stop in Italy. I was giddy with excitement when we got off the train.



We had no idea where to find our hotel, so just like in Germany, we showed the address to a taxi driver. He refused to drive us there and told us to walk because it was very close. The taxi drivers wait in a line and this guy was at the front of the line and I’m sure he didn’t want to waste all that time that he had waited to be next on what probably would’ve been a 2 minute ride.

So, we walked. And we found it! And our room had a balcony that was yellow!IMG_6507

It was really warm in Milan, so we changed and then set out to see the sights. We got a map and went back to the train station to catch the subway to see the Duomo, aka church. The subway was packed! I loved hearing people speaking in Italian… it was so pretty to listen to!


This cathedral was insanly massive. and beautiful. We were in awe and wondered how in the world they built it so long ago! It’s kinda sad and empty that they focus on the church instead of what really matters, but it was still beautiful. IMG_6509

DSC_0053 DSC_0042

Inside was just as massive. DSC_0043

Davey liked to light the candles and he ended up lighting one at every church we went to… just for the fun of it.


As you can probably see, there are so many people. This square was PACKED with locals and tourists. We were really surprised at how crowded Milan was. It was very much like NYC!DSC_0049



By now, we were starving, so the main goal was to wander around and hopefully stumble upon the perfect place to eat. We found a place that sold foccicia and it was amazing.




Basil smells sweeter in Italy. A picture in honor of Grandpa B 🙂IMG_6514

We took the subway back to our hotel and ate dinner at the restaurant across the street. I got spaghetti al carbonara (I’ve actually never tried it before and it was goooood! I mean, bacon, cheese, eggs and cream… how can it not be good!) Davey got lasagna and it was good too.




The next morning, we walked to find Luini’s. They sold panzerotti which are kinda like a hot pocket. You can get them with meat inside or with fruit or nutella. We got a few of each. They were yummy.




Next stop, Turin.


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