Turin + Genoa

We debated on whether to go to Genoa or to Turin for our next stop and then decided on Turin. Our guidebook said that Turin had the best risotto and lots of amazing food and since the 2006 Olympics where there, we figured it’d be a cool place to visit.





The first of many, many gelato’s! IMG_6531

In Turin, we tried what’s called an appertivo. You buy a drink for 8 euro and you get an unlimited buffet. It was pretty delicious and a great way to try a bunch of different things.


Turin was cool, but it definitely wasn’t our favorite place in Italy. Our hotel was really far out of town and we had to take the trolley. It was interesting to get out of the touristy areas of the town and see how the locals lived. The highlight for me was waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh croissants baking in the oven.

The breakfast at our hotel was amazing and Turin lived up to it’s claim of having great food.




Next stop, Cinque Terre. But since we didn’t stay in Genoa, we got off the train at that stop and explored a bit. DSC_0071





Genoa was a super cool, bustling sea-port town with a narrow maze of streets. We liked Genoa a lot and wished we could’ve spent more time there, but Cinuqe Terra was waiting for us!






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