valentine’s day violin

For Valentine’s Day, Davey surprised me with tickets to a concert at this really cool venue called the Cannery. We found about the Cannery because we visited a church that held their service there on Sunday morning. It’s a pretty cool place.

So, Davey knows I like the violin, or the fiddle as it’s called here in Nashville, as well as techno music (that’s what I listen to when I workout) and so he took me to see this violinist named Lindsey Stirling.

It was AMAZING! One of the best concerts I’ve ever seen! I was absolutely mesmerized watching her play AND dance at the same time. It was so cool! Here are a few of her videos… she’s so fun to watch! Enjoy!

And here’s her version of the Lord of the Rings… just for you, Mom!

This video is so beautiful…


4 thoughts on “valentine’s day violin

  1. WOW!!! She is definately talented, flexible and adorable :):):)!!! So enjoyed watching and hearing her music!!! So cool that you got to see a performace!!!

  2. WOW! This was amazing. Each video is amazing. I love Lindsey Stirling! Way to go, Davey! What a fantastic beautiful gift. Thanks for sharing Jess. I miss you guys! Tons of love!

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