buon appetito!

For an early birthday present, Davey took me to a cooking class! Someday, I want to go to Italy and cook here:

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 11.12.28 PM

But for now, the gorgeous, huge state of the art kitchen that our class was at was pretty awesome too. {Except the knives. They were dull. Don’t they know a dull knife is dangerous?!}

In our class, we learned how to make homemade pasta– which is definitely a labor of love because it takes so long– but it tastes SO good! Here was our menu: {is your mouth watering yet because mine is!}


We started the night off with these little bites of heaven:


Then we started chopping, mixing and kneading away. You have to knead the dough for 10 minutes straight… it’s my new favorite workout!




If it looks like Davey did most of the kneading… he did. It is my {early} birthday after all!Untitled-6

We did so good making one ball of dough, that we got to make another one. And we may have not followed the directions and so we tried to inconspicusouly keep adding more ingredients to make fix it. Well, see that long pasta sheet Davey’s holding… that was from our “mistake” dough. Guess we did something right!


We got to roll out gnocchi and made spaghetti and long sheets of pasta that we cut into pappardelle.


Then it was on to the sauce…


We used lots of heavy cream, parmesan cheese and butter in the sauces… and that’s probably why they were so good.




Everything was so delicious, but the bolognese was my favorite sauce and Davey liked the fettuccini with prosciutto and cream. It was a perfect evening and we had a blast!
And then we rolled our stuffed selves home and I almost didn’t want to brush my teeth because I had such a good taste in my mouth. {but I did in case you’re wondering}.

4 thoughts on “buon appetito!

  1. Next time we are together… pasta it is! We have a pasta machine we have NEVER used! It’s even electric! You can teach us your pasta making skills! So fun to read this post! Glad your birthday celebration has been so special… Like you!

  2. Sure looked like the evening was right up the “Anderson Alley”…Yum and double yum!!! I am soooooo glad and proud to be Italian!!!

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