Hello 2013!

In 2009 we ran a 4 mile race through Central Park in NYC at the stroke of midnight. Despite feeling like it was negative 10° and a freezing cold wind, we had SO MUCH FUN! And 2009 turned out to be a pretty amazing year… it was the year we got engaged and married, after all!

Since we had so much fun ringing running in the new year, we decided to ring in 2013 the same way. We bundled up, activated our hand warmers and headed into the city.

I always thought it would be fun to be in Times Square on NYE… until I found out that people wear adult diapers because they are roped into their small areas ALL DAY. No thank you. I’d rather run 4 miles at midnight. (At least there are fireworks!)


First stop: bagels (for carbo loading)


We actually asked for only a LIGHT spread of cream cheese. I can’t imagine how much they usually put on! Would you like a bagel with that cream cheese?

Next stop, dinner! We take our carbo loading very seriously.


Fueled and ready to run, we looked at our watch and it was only 9:00pm… we had to find something to do to kill some time. So we walked around and imagined where we’d like to live if we ever moved to NYC. We probably walked 4 miles before our race even started!

Then we picked up our race numbers.



And then we headed to the park to the dance party and costume contest. There were people dressed up as lobsters, fruit, the empire state building and snoopy. The dance party was fun because it helped us stay warm! We also got cool foam hats and blinking arm bands.


After a quick bathroom break, we headed to the starting line!


At this point, it was 40°, so we checked our coats into the baggage area. I cannot tell you how happy we were that it wasn’t as cold as it was in 2009! We were also glad to not be weighed down by our coats… especially since Davey’s coat was so warm and heavy that it probably weighed about 15 pounds.

Before we knew it, we were counting down till midnight. Happy New Year!!!!




4 miles and __ : __ minutes later (I’m not going to post how slow we I ran), we crossed the finish line and got to eat more BAGELS!!! They also gave us apple, and I have to say, it was the best apple I’ve ever eaten. It was so good that I went through the line a second time for another one. Guess NYC really lives up to it’s name “The Big Apple”!

Happy New Year!!!!


This is such a fun way to celebrate a new year and a great way to kickstart getting back into shape after indulging in Christmas dinner, desserts, and maybe one too many bagels!

We are looking forward to all the adventures that God has in store for us in this year! Hello 2013!


5 thoughts on “Hello 2013!

  1. you guys amaze me!! Love all the pictures and Jess I am soooo glad I got to see you even for a short amount of time over Christmas!!!!!!!!

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