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So, the day before Thanksgiving (since I had to work on Thanksgiving Day), Davey and I had a quiet little celebration and cooked up a delicious feast! Including green bean casserole from scratch!f6fe4fa4342611e2a7d622000a9e298f_7

The moment we were done eating, we set out to Lowe’s to get a Christmas tree. Our apt has 12 ft ceilings which is horrible for our heating bill, but awesome for a gigantic Christmas tree!


We may have high ceilings, but our door is not big enough for this monster wreath…

Anyway, here is the finished product…while it lasted.

Yesterday, disaster struck. I watched it happen. All of a sudden our tree just fell over. The sound of glass breaking was horrible. And we stood there in shock. I cried. And then Davey took me out to dinner to try and cheer me up. It worked. Nothing a little food can’t fix.  28f056423d0011e2a94522000a1fbc56_7

Anyway, we only lost 3 sentimental ornaments. The others were super glued back together. Then deck the halls round 2 started and we decorated the tree all over again.

Loosing ornaments and getting a Christmas tree and going shopping for the perfect gift is exciting and festive. It’s easy for me to get wrapped up, no pun intended, in making my own Christmas list and making sure the house is perfectly decorated, but after our tree fell over, all that stuff kinda lost it’s thrill.

I’m actually glad it happened. It was like God sent an angel to push it over to jolt me out of my holiday craze and remind me the true meaning of Christmas… CHRIST.

The next morning we got an email from our friend in Cambodia and this is what it said:

Srey Ya did so good job because she studied hard and happy in her family.

Jess many time Srey ya ask me that she wants small bike cycle and I
told her that I don’t have money, but you can pray to God because He
has everything you need!!! Her grand mother said Srey Ya prayed
everyday about her bike cycle. and she like pink color.

For Srey Ya bicycle I will choose the right side for her, must need
the lock and helmet too. The cost is for the bicycle is $48, the Lock
is $18 and helmet is $ 14. Total: $80

First, Please pray for our Church and School ministry in Buffalo
ville, We have 2 prayer need:
Every Suday we worship our Lord in the good and comfortable large
room, praise the Lord for this great blessing but we sat directed on
the floor. So start from this month we pray to God that we need 100
plastic chairs for the worship room. Until today we have 80-100 plus
the children who are joined our worship every Sunday. The cost is $5
each for 100 will be $500.

Well, if our tree falling over didn’t help put things in perspective for me, this did. I think I’d rather focus on helping a little orphan girl get a bike and to help Phally buy something so simple as a chair so that the church members don’t have to sit on the floor anymore.

…truly He taught us to love one another; His love is life and his gospel is peace.

 {If you would like to contribute towards Phally and Srey Ya’s gifts, please let me know, or simply click on the Donate button on the right sidebar.}

4 thoughts on “what’s really important

  1. Wow! What a beautiful Christmas story! Write a book! This is so sweet. What a difference you have made in Srey Ya’s life and her grandmother too! “His love is life and His gospel is peace!”

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