nj, here we come

Rather than have a pity party for myself that our flight was cancelled due to Sandy, I am trying to make the best of the situation. I am focusing on the fact that my family is safe and dry, albeit without power, and I {hopefully} get to see them on Friday. {flight, pleassseeeee don’t be cancelled again or else I WILL have a pity party this time}.

Natural disasters stink and I hate them, but I kinda like what happens during and after them. People ban together and help one another. They’re nicer and more patient and happy to be alive. They prove how resilient they are.

My friend Jess posted this picture on Facebook the other day that her friend who lives in Hoboken took: A crowd of people sharing one of the few electrical sources left. 🙂

We’re looking forward to reuniting with our family and friends tomorrow and are praying for everyone who was affected by this devastating storm. NJ, here we come.

{Check out HopeForce and what they’re doing to help here}





One thought on “nj, here we come

  1. I pray for your family, Jess, and I checked you on Facebook and it looks like you may well be on your way to Jersey right now! You will be a beautiful sight for their storm weary eyes!

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