Srey Ya’s shiny new roof

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much to everyone who donated towards Srey Ya’s new roof. It’s done and it’s beautiful! Here’s what our friend Phally had to say:

“Today my family went to visit Srey Ya family on the way back home from the village. The roof look so good and strong. We moved all the old roof away and also replace all the old wooden for the roof away too. So now Srey Ya roof look so new and strong. For some old roof we used it to cover on the middle of above top the new roof and used it some out side wall of the house according to Srey Ya grand mother and the workers suggested and we also used some those old roof to cover the wall because some wall are so useless. For the roof I used my own salary and i’m very happy to helped them too. 
So now they can sleep peacefully and they have very big smile too. I’m very much happy after their  new roof done plus big smile of Srey Ya family. For now Srey Ya is taller, bigger, stronger and more cleaver as you see in pictures, she strong like boy now. Thank for the new roof, monthly blessing and others blessing too.”


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