our staycation

Davey and I love to make a big deal of our anniversary. It’s kinda like New Year’s Eve for us… the start of another year of marriage, new goals and dreams and possibly even different directions.

In past years, we’ve always gone on a trip to celebrate. Year 1 was Cancun/Cozumel, year 2 we were in Hawaii with YWAM and we rented a car and drove around the island, but year 3… no trip this time. 😦 But we were determined not to let the lack of money in our travel fund ruin the celebration. So we decided to have a staycation here in Nashville, which included lots of delicious food.

Contrary to the name, the Loveless Cafe is really quite lovable. I have been wanting to try this place since we moved here because I heard that they have amazing biscuits. And it’s true.

The day before our anniversary, we had a bunch of lamp orders to make and everything went wrong. We ran out of wood… we went to Lowe’s… we bought the wrong wood… we drove to a different Lowe’s… we got pulled over for making an illegal turn that we didn’t know was illegal… we confused the cop with our NJ license plate, Tennessee insurance and California drivers license… but we didn’t get ticket! Once we got home with the correct wood, we realized we ran out of stain, so drove very carefully back to Lowe’s, and when we got home, the battery to the saw died and by the time we finally got the lamps finished, Fed Ex was closed. So, although we had every intention of getting the lamps done before our anniversary, it did not happen. So after breakfast, we worked on the lamps. At least we were together.

Then we went to the pool and tried to pretend we were relaxing on a beach in Mexico, but that was a challenge because there were kids in the pool playing volleyball and yelling and splashing and every time they hit the ball guess where it went? Right over by us. After awhile, they left and I could finally enjoy my magazine in peace.

He’s so strong 🙂

We worked up quite an appetite sitting by the pool all afternoon, so we got ready and went out for dinner. We went to this Mexican restaurant that had yellow umbrellas on the outdoor patio. And even though neither of us ordered anything Mexican, it was delicious.

We continued our celebration the next morning and went out to breakfast at our favorite new place, Sky Blue Cafe. {Basically, I’m posting lots of pictures of the delicious food here in hopes that we’ll get some visitors!!!}

After we inhaled every bite of our breakfast, we went for a hike to burn it all off :-). There are some great places to hike here in TN, and I’m already excited for all the leaves to change colors this fall!

Then we went downtown to try and find some live music. We ended up listening to Bluegrass, which normally isn’t my favorite, but these guys were really good! Davey liked to be right up front so he could see all the finger picking or whatever you call it 🙂

It’s really pretty downtown at night…

And that’s about it. Simple, relaxing and wonderful because we were together. Year 4, bring it on!


5 thoughts on “our staycation

  1. So fun to read!!! I laughed along the way thinking of you and all those trips to Lowe’s, the kids messing up your imagined Beach in Mexico AND the picture of Davey’s famous pose! You guys are so fun!

  2. Hi friends! Loved reading about your staycation! Definitely want to come visit !!!!!!!!!!!! miss you xoxo

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