check out our new Etsy shop!

Davey made this awesome lamp a few months ago and everyone who came over to our apartment told us we should sell it, so we decided to give it a go! And we’ve already sold a few! So if you know anyone who needs/wants a lamp, send them over to our store, A Walk Through The Woods!

We named our store, A Walk Through The Woods because, well, we love walking through the woods! When we’re walking through the woods, it gives us time and space to talk and process life and dream and reconnect with God and each other. It was on one of these walks that we decided to take the plunge and try to sell these lamps. So go check out our little shop and let us know what you think!


5 thoughts on “check out our new Etsy shop!

  1. Hey, everyone! We saw this in person, and Davey has done an AMAZING job! We loved the lamp…and if you have a spot for a floor lamp — this is a great option…and so reasonable! Good job, Davey!!

  2. I showed this to Erik and it inspired him to start building more stuff to sell! The lamps are awesome! Such a great idea!! Again, you guys win the prize for coolest people ever 🙂

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