happy nurses week

Happy nurses week to all my fellow RN’s!

Here I am in 2006, right when I found out I passed the NCLEX. Ironically enough, my brother, Jordan, who’s head is in the picture is also a nurse. Yay for my favorite male nurse! {And Dave Marshall, too!}

I don’t think I really knew what I was in for when I choose this career. This year for nurses week, I got blood on my scrubs, no break and I didn’t eat or drink anything for 13 hours. Also, I had some crazy patients, but if I talk about them anywhere on the internet, I’ll get fired on the spot.

Although nursing can be a really challenging and stressful career most of the time, it’s also an extremely rewarding and satisfying job and I’m honored to be caring for people in their time of need.

The best part about nurses week, is that if I bring in my badge, I get free pasta at Buca de Beppo! Yay! (if you’re a nurse, click here for the coupon!)

Lastly, I’ll leave you with some nurse humor.

and my favorite:

(FYI: Dilaudid is 7 times stronger than Morphine and 90% of patients try to trick us into giving it to them by saying they have “allergies” to everything else. Don’t worry, we’re not fooled.)

Happy Nurses Week to some of my favorite nurses: Jordan Minnema {brother}, Dave Marshall {cousin-in-law}, Megan Latsha {college roommate}, &  Julie O’Donnell {friend from HUMC}

And thank you to my super amazing, wonderful hunk of a husband who tireless listens to my stories from work, no matter how gross they are.

And thanks Mom and Dad for your support and prayers and encouragement from my first day of nursing school {praying that I’d pass Chemistry} up to now… and all the times in between!


3 thoughts on “happy nurses week

  1. Yes, there’s been a lot of blood, sweat and tears, poured into your career as the World’s Best ER Nurse. Your sweat and tears, and somebody else’s scary Hep C blood… It’s a dirty (gross understatement) job, but someone’s got to do it.

    Happy Nurse’s Week to mine and all the others serving in that extraordinary capacity! (Matthew 25:45)

    P.S. Hey, I thought we talked about posting pictures of me without a shirt.

  2. You are my favorite, ever, nurse and such an amazing human being! Thank you for all the lives you have saved!!! Thank you for all your training and all your education to bring you to the place where you can actually save lives!!! That is so awesome, I love you.

  3. Jess, and all you nurses out there…May the love and care you provide for others come back into your own life.

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