Sticks & stones

…may break your bones but they also make a really good jewelry tree. For free!



I hate rummaging through a box to try and find matching earrings… not to mention trying to untangle them from each other. To solve that problem, I thought of this woodsy creation.

I gathered a bunch of sticks and some bricks and viola! The bricks conveniently had holes in them so I just stuck the bigger branches in them and stuffed a bunch of tissues in the hole to hold the branch in place. 

Then I just bent and twisted the scraggly branches and glued them in place. Easy as pie. 

Turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. It’s also manly enough that Davey doesn’t mind all of my sparkly earrings being on display. What a guy!

7 thoughts on “Sticks & stones

  1. How very, very clever you are…. and artistic!! Precious earring tree!
    Take care — love to you and love to Davey!!

  2. That is so neat! I’ve been looking everywhere for an earring tree; maybe I should just make one of my own. Round here, the gardeners are weirdly, almost creepily meticulous, so I might have to brave life and limb (oooh, pun!) to get a couple of tree branches, but this looks like it’s worth it!

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