our little urban homestead

When I think of the word “city”, I think of a big city, like New York or LA. Nashville doesn’t really come to mind. Having lived near both of those cities, I guess my definition of a “city” might have been a bit grandiose. Regardless, Nashville is a really cool city, albeit small, but still really cool.

I love cities. And I love that where we live has a very city feel to it. From the street, we have a great view of the Nashville skyline, and we live in a remodeled factory building and most of our walls are brick. I love it.

I might be a walking contradiction, but as much as I love cities, I love gardens. I’ve never really wanted to live out in the boonies or anything, but I do love tending a little garden. So does Davey. Maybe even more than I do. When we lived by the beach, we had a little patio full of pots of tomatoes, swiss chard, snap peas, herbs, and lemons. We even tried to grow strawberries and eggplant. There’s just something so satisfying about going outside and picking fresh cilantro and tomatoes for guacamole or some basil to sprinkle on top of your pasta. But when we moved to Nashville,we were a little sad that our place didn’t have have a patio or a balcony or really anywhere to grow anything. Or so we thought.

Until I got this book.

I have yet to share the story of how we found our apartment, but that’s coming… I promise. Until then, here’s a sneak peek of the outside of our apartment as well as our best attempts at having a garden on our concrete stoop.




The last picture is pineapple mint and it is AMAZING. I grew it in California and I was hooked ever since. It’s so delicious sprinkled on a fruit salad or stirred into a glass of water or tea…mmmm!


6 thoughts on “our little urban homestead

  1. I love your pictures 🙂 So pretty! And your little garden! I love your dedication. I’ve been meaning to start up a garden now that I learned so much from my grandpa, but I haven’t made the time … and with Porter, it won’t last too long 😦 You just might have inspired me to give it another try …

  2. We’ve already had the chance to harvest our cilantro twice, both of which times Jess threw together guacamole. I swear those were the best guacamoles I have ever tasted…by far! As in world’s best. Award-winning. Gourmet. Phenomenal. Exquisite. Superb. And muy mucho grande delicioso!

  3. I love the way you have added the plants up your entrance. The yellow pots with the greenery add a lot of color and cheer. Th plants and flowers you planted in our yard are doing well. We have been eating the lettuce and it is yummy! Love you!

  4. Making home and making every space work! I love it. I have to get me some of that pineapple mint! Sounds delicious! I love seeing Davey’s hands planting in the dirt! Home sweet home!

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