home sweet Nashville

We’ve lived here in Nashville for about 3 weeks now {not including our deployment with Hopeforce in Alabama and Indiana} and so far, we love it! From Surf City, USA {Huntington Beach} to Music City, USA…


We went to our first show the other night and got to see Audrey Assad!!! I love her and her music!!! It was a small show, but it was awesome. I could get used to all this free live music…20120402-094818.jpgAnd speaking of Music City, USA, Nashville could also be called Heart Attack City, USA. You know you’re in the south when you go out to eat and they bring you a basket of rolls that are drenched in melted butter, with a container of butter on the side. But boy were those rolls good!!!!!


And since we’re eating more southern treats than normal, like those buttery rolls, we’ve joined the YMCA. I was a member of the YMCA in NJ and it was great. However, the YMCA’s here are like a country club. They’re insaneeeeeee! They have an indoor pool, an outdoor pool with a slide, tennis courts, hot tubs, a sauna, fancy locker rooms that have dispensers of mouthwash and deotarant, a spin room, a yoga room, a training room, a room where you can watch a movie on a big screen as you do cardio, a Subway, a smoothie bar, and of course weights and cardio machines. The best part is that membership is based on your income! I never thought I’d be so happy to be in the lowest tax bracket!20120329-161849.jpg

Here in Tennessee, people don’t just display their deer heads on the wall. They take it up a notch and mount the deer’s legs too. And as if that’s not enough, they make the deer hold the very gun that landed it on the wall in the first place. 20120329-161617.jpg

On a happier note, Nashville has the most AMAZING clouds that I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I cannot stop taking pictures of them. There are also some pretty gorgeous sunsets.





Spring has come early here and so have the allergens. Poor Davey has had horrible allergies ever since we got here.20120329-161900.jpgWe heard that eating local honey helps with allergies, so we not only got some honey, but also some bee pollen. If a little is good then more is better, right?! Bee pollen sounds disgusting but it takes just like honey and is supposed to be really good for you. Hopefully it will help with the allergies!


So there you have it. Our first few weeks in the South. I’ve already been called ma’am, like, a million times and have  finally learned not to be insulted by it.



6 thoughts on “home sweet Nashville

  1. Doug and I read this together and we laughed so much, Ma’am! It all sounds wonderful, only watch out for those rolls! Glad you are settled and enjoying your new home…

  2. Love the gym description!! Can we go to the yoga class followed by playtime in the pool/spa area when I visit one of these fine days?! Love u!!

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