random ramblings and pretty books

Well, yet another 2 weeks have gone by since my last post, but I have a good excuse. In those 2 weeks, we finished our taxes {yay!}, I got a part-time job in the ER, we miraculously found a place to live {an amazing God story that I will save for another post}, we saw the Hunger Games {on opening night}, we found a church, we got 14 guest passes to the YMCA with our out of state licenses, and we cleaned– a lot.

For me, moving into a new apartment is like buying a new journal. I just love all of the empty {uncluttered} space as much as I love all those blank pages. However, I usually have the urge to put something {whether it’s a knick knack or something useful} on every single free surface in my apt, so it’s a good thing I’m currently reading this book:

This book is really inspiring me to live simply and to organize and set up our new place in a way that is peaceful and restful instead of cluttered and stressful.

On the other hand, having our own place means that I CAN FINALLY IMPLEMENT MY PINTEREST BOARDS!!!! Yipee!!!! Since we’ve been cleaning and dusting all day every day for the past week, we’ve inhaled way too many fumes from all the cleaning products that we used. So, I’ve already tried to make my own orange peel vinegar cleaner. It’s marinating as we speak. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

One of the highlights of where we live is that our apartment is only a few blocks away from the Nashville Farmers Market!!! I cannot even tell you how excited I am. I’ve been scouring Amazon for some new cookbooks. I’m debating between these two:

The covers alone are so pretty and delicious looking, it’s making me hungry. So, I’m going to go have a snack.


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