and we hit the ground running

I guess you could call us storm chasers because that is what we did on Friday. A huge severe weather/tornado warning was in effect for Nashville {and many other areas} and we were driving right into it. Fortunately, the storm was moving as fast as we were and we missed it. Unfortunately, people in Alabama, Kentucky and a few other states weren’t so lucky.


The fact that the day we arrive in Nashville to work with Hopeforce, a non-profit disaster and crisis relief organization, on the day of a disaster was confirmation that God has us here for a reason. We had barley arrived “home” when we hopped back into the car and headed down to Harvest, Alabama to assess the damage.

The people who live in Harvest had just recovered from last years tornados and had recently moved back into their homes when they got hit a second time. It was heartbreaking to see the devastation first hand and to know that this was many people’s second home to be destroyed in ten months. 20120305-095408.jpg

So, yesterday, we went with a Hopeforce team down to Alabama to help tarp roofs, board up broken windows, pick up debris and just be there for the homeowners. We absolutely LOVE working with Hopeforce and we are so glad that we now have a tangible way to help people in a disaster or crisis and to give them hope.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a thousand pictures {not really, but almost}. “Read on”… 🙂


{above} 78 year old Miss Nancy's home was demolished last year and her FEMA issued trailer took a hit again this year.

{above} The lady who lived here was asleep during the storm. Her cat and dog woke her up and she followed them to the bathroom and right as she got there, the roof and wall of her bedroom blew off.

The people who live here are resilient and love each other and their community. It is so sweet to see them helping each other amidst their own tragedy and loss. We know that soon, it will again be Sweet Home, Alabama.

If you would like to donate to Hopeforce and the disaster relief efforts or to Davey and my volunteer work with Hopeforce, click here.


3 thoughts on “and we hit the ground running

  1. God’s timing to have you arrive in Nashville is amazing Jess and Davey! Your hearts to give and serve seems a perfect match for Hopeforce and I am so blessed by both of you. I can only imagine what a beautiful sight you were for those Alabama eyes in the midst of their crisis…

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