yosemite: the mountain top and valley low

We decided to stay in Yosemite an extra day and the only room available was not in the lovely warm hotel near the roaring fireplace.

It wasn’t a nice warm cabin or even in a heated tent. No. It was in Camp Curry… in a freezing cold tent.

The good news is that it was cheap… only $25. The reason the price was slashed from the normal $45 was because the rate is dependent on the tempRATEture. Since it was 25° the night before, that was how much we paid. This was probably the only time I ever wished it was colder. {I wonder if they pay YOU if the temp drops in the negatives?!}

We had 9 blankets piled on top of us and two over our heads and honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Getting out of bed was the hard part. But we did get out of bed and after we warmed up, we decided to… you guessed it… go on a hike.

Every once in awhile, God allows us a mountaintop experience. When we’re on the top of the mountain, we can see clearly… we can see what lies ahead. Sometimes I wish we could live on the to of the mountain all the time so that I could always anticipate what lies ahead.

However, the God on the mountain top is the same God in the valley and we need those valley walks desperately.  We cannot grow without them.  Plus there is no nutrients in eating snow on the mountain top but wow what a view!  We can stagnate and die up there!  But wow what a view!

I think that’s why I love hiking so much. There are so many parallels to life. And even though I prefer the mountain top, I am learning how necessary the time in the valley is as well. At least when you’re in the valley you can always go up!

So this is the end of our road trip to California, where we have been for the last month. We had no idea what we were driving into. We didn’t expect to be here this long and during our time here, a lot of things didn’t work out how we hoped. A few jobs fell through. We had many disappointments and frustrations, but we kept on dreaming.

I read this from a devotional my friend sent me and I though it was really good: “You can’t steer a big truck while it is standing but if it starts moving …. Even toward a cliff … it is enough to make the steering easy so you can turn the wheel and change direction …. But it needs to be moving.   Take a chance, take a look, take a try … He is with you.”

So, we’re moving. Back across the country to Nashville. On Monday. Off into another unknown.

Let the adventure begin!


3 thoughts on “yosemite: the mountain top and valley low

  1. What a great hike that was! I recall seeing the astonishment on your face when we had been hiking up steep switchbacks for hours and finally met some others hikers passing in the opposite direction. You asked how far, and the bearded man said, “About half way to the half-way.” Our sudden discouragement quickly turned back into motivation, because we had a goal worth working hard for. Thigh-burning, lung-busting hard. Then we simply motored the rest of the way to the top and, even sooner than we anticipated, were richly rewarded with epic views!

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