exciting news!

We have some exciting news! Our friend in Cambodia, Phally, led Srey Ya’s grandmother to the Lord!!!!! We are so excited and thank God for His faithfulness and for answering our prayers! Here are some pictures of her baptism:

Look at her smile! I have never seen her so happy!

Doesn’t Srey Ya look so pretty in her little dress?! Thank you so much to everyone who is praying for Srey Ya and her grandmother! We really hope that we can go back to Cambodia soon and visit them, but if not, then we are so happy that we’ll see her in Heaven someday!


2 thoughts on “exciting news!

  1. THAT is awesome! How sweet that she has found her Savior. I know you both have played a VERY LARGE role in her experiencing the love of the Father. His care through you has been a beautiful, inspiring thing to witness, even from afar. I love your hearts and hands…Love that you are committed to give yourselves the way you do!

  2. PRAISE GOD!!! That is so awesome and I am rejoicing with you. It was beautiful to see her smile and joy in the pictures. I’m thanking God for her salvation and the impact she will have as well as for how He used you both to influence her and love her!

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