yosemite: last time and this time

From the Death Valley, we made our way to the mountains of Yosemite. I LOVE Yosemite. Last time we were here, it was July and it was HOT! This time it was January and COLD!

We walked out on the frozen lake that had a ton of cracks it it. Everyone else was doing it...

The last time we were in Yosemite we hiked Half-Dome. See that dome like rock in the middle, way in the distance? That’s Half-Dome. Here are some pictures of that hike:

Don't let my smile fool you. I wanted to cry the whole way up... it was so scary

Last time we were tan. This time we were bundled up. And instead of Half-Dome, we hiked to Inspiration Point. We were kinda hoping that we’d get inspired up there.

Frozen waterfall... but is it still called a waterfall if it's not falling?

We love Yosemite so much we decided to stay overnight. Stay tuned for more on that in the next post…


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