the grand canyon

We didn’t plan to stop at the Grand Canyon. It was not part of our agenda and it was actually out of the way.

As we drove through the night, we came to the crossroads and we had to make a decision. So we stopped on the side of a road that had no streetlights and sat in the car in the pitch black and debated about what to do. The responsible choice would be to skip it and get to California as soon as possible… because, after all, a detour would mean we would have to put more miles on the car and more gas in the tank. The adventurous option would be to head for the Grand Canyon because the experience would be priceless.

Earlier that day, we had been reading this book out loud to each other:

Donald Miller is one of my favorite authors and this is one of my favorite books. Other than the fact that there are three chapters about Donald Miller’s trip to the Grand Canyon, this review by Publishers Weekly caught our attention: “Through Painted Deserts is a record of a classic road trip. Miller’s tale is full of serendipitous adventures and thoughtful Christian reflection… offering the sort of deep-thought wanderings into meaning and significance… a reminder that life was meant to be lived, not just gotten through.” 

And so after reading that, we decided to go to the Grand Canyon.

Oh, and of course we went on a hike.
And Davey chose another crazy one that had patches of ice along the path. The ranger recommended having special ice cleats on your sneakers so we wouldn’t slip off the cliff, but we Davey didn’t let that stop us
We didn’t have enough time to hike all the way to the bottom, so we decided to come back someday soon and hike to the bottom, camp down there and maybe raft through the canyon… anyone wanna come with us?!


4 thoughts on “the grand canyon

  1. I want to come! I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon. I’m really glad you guys decided to stop. It’s always hard to decide between something that seems “responsible” and something that seems more fun or impulsive, but ultimately, you guys will look back and remember going to the Grand Canyon far more than you would have remembered having a little extra cash and a few less miles on your car. Also – (surprise, surprise) I also love Donald Miller….aaaannnddd every time Jonathan and I take a road trip we read aloud in the car to each other. It’s the best. : )

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