the day our blinker broke

A few weeks before we left on our trip, the Jeep started violently shaking when it got up to 50 mph. I guess after 3 cross country trips, it was time for some new tires. So we gave in, got some new wheels, an oil change and a few other tune ups and we were ready to hit the road again. I’m happy to report that the tires worked like a dream. The blinker on the other hand, conked out. It’s really hard to drive without a blinker and it seemed like we kept having to make left hand turns. We probably should have stuck our arm out of the window and done a proper left hand turn signal, but we decided to try and fix it instead. And we just happened to have an extra bulb in the trunk!

We were really lucky that a broken blinker was the only mishap on the trip. That and the continual fight against a dirty windshield. I HATE, I mean HATEEEEE when my windshield is dirty. When I got my first car when I was 16, I poured some Windex into a little travel hairspray bottle so that I’d always have a crystal clear windshield. But on this trip, I didn’t brink any Windex.

The only good reason that the Jeep is a gas guzzler is because it afforded lots of trips to the gas station. Davey would pump the gas and I’d head straight for the squeegee. Clean windshield, here I come!



Ahhhh! All is right with the world again.

We were out of windshield washer fluid by the time we got to Colorado. Thank God that stuff is cheap. And thank God that a broken blinker and a dirty windshield were the only roadblocks we had! And thank God for Davey. He’s my favorite 🙂


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