nothing without God

When trying to figure out a title for this post, I googled what the Colorado state motto is. Nil Sine Numine. It is commonly translated as “Nothing Without Providence” but this is not the translation that was originally intended. “Nothing without God” was the original intent and it’s perfect for this post. While in Colorado, we were constantly amazed at the beauty of God’s creation. Our first stop was the “Garden of the Gods”, which Davey and I renamed “Garden of God”.  After driving through flat fields for the previous 2 days, this was a sight for sore eyes. It was so beautiful that we decided to move there. Well, maybe someday. Until then, we just hiked around and admired the enormous monoliths.

Nothing without God.

Oh and I couldn’t drive through Colorado Springs without seeing Whit’s End. Did anyone else listen to Adventures in Odyssey when they were younger?!

It was awesome.


5 thoughts on “nothing without God

  1. Adventures in Odyssey, now that brings back memories of my older children who listen to those tapes over and over.

    Great shot of you holding the rock! You shots show a lot of creativity.

  2. I have probably heard every Adventures in Odyssey episode created. And I have also been to Whit’s End. and Garden of God is amazing. I want to go back there someday. When we decided to move last summer we were between Raleigh and Colorado, just because it is soooo beautiful there. I’m glad we are here, but I could still go for some Rockies sometime in the future!

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