31 days of free coffee

Today’s my 28th birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

Speaking of birthdays and presents…

Davey got the coolest Christmas present ever. A coffee mug.

And we bring it to any Starbucks and get free coffee for the whole month of January–31 gloriously caffeinated days. Like I said, best present ever… especially for a road trip. The best part is that they don’t keep track of your cup of the day, so we filled it up multiple times each day until we got too jittery to drink any more.  During our road trip, I had Starbucks programmed into the GPS and we may or may not have chosen our hotels based on whether or not they had a Starbucks in the town. {But don’t worry, I still love Dunkin Donuts}

Did you know that a lot of Starbucks are really hard to find? And did you know that most Starbucks are inside  food stores?  We drove around in frustration multiple times looking for the beautiful green mermaid sign and finally found it inside an Albertson’s or Safeway.

Our most interesting detour took us into an army base where we had to wait in a long line of cars and show ID to get in. But it was worth it. Coffee is always worth it. We’re just sad that January is almost over and so our free coffee is almost over… but we’re milking it to the last drop!

Thanks for the cup, mom!


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