the little blue book of adventures

My awesome sister {in-law}, May, gave us a really cool road trip adventure bag to take along on our journey. She wrote 10 things for us to do along the way… and we did every one! Check it out:

1. Road trips must begin with lots of laughs. Grab the Laffy Taffy and talk about the funniest stories you have together!

2. Take at least 5 rest breaks at beautiful spots and enjoy God’s creation- must take pictures 🙂

3. Car rides are vital talk times as you have taught us! Take the time and munch on the sour patch kids and think on stories that match their motto, sour then sweet.

4. Reflection- along the journey, as you take turns driving, use the cards to write a letter to each other and exchange them when you stop for the night!

5. Rise and Shine. Have a candlelight breakfast with these tea lights and drink this passion fruit tea 🙂 Discuss your top 5 passions that you have together.

{disclaimer: we waited till the last day to do this one and we had slept in a canvas tent in Yosemite and tried to heat up hot water for tea with a glass jug and Davey’s camp stove… well, the jar was too cold and it exploded…. so we didn’t have any tea, but we did light the tea lights}

6. Take a picture of the most beautiful thing you see, the weirdest thing you see and the thing that reminds you of each other.

-The most beautiful thing I saw was Davey’s face when he returned from hiking up a cliff without falling off and dying. Here’s another beautiful thing we saw:

Zion national park

-Here are the weirdest two things we saw:

an ostrich farm somewhere in the desert

a tree with shoes hanging on it... also in the desert

-the thing that reminds us of each other:

1/2 a joke, 1/2 true 😉

This reminds me of Davey because every time he saw a mountain or a hill, he said, "I think I see a trail over there, we should hike that"

7. A hot drink provides perfect cuddle time. Enjoy these hot chocolates and each other– somewhere, just the two of you!

8. These cards are to make you smile and welcome you to the country! Have a fun game of cards on a driving break!

9. Dunkin Donuts is always with you! Here’s some to share with friends old and new along the way!

10. Last but not least, fill this book with all your fun adventures these next few weeks!

Well, this blog post is kind of like filling up the blue book with our pictures 🙂

Thanks May and Jake for the fun ideas along the way!


9 thoughts on “the little blue book of adventures

  1. wow, you guys are awesome and we love your adventures! praying it up for you two as you enjoy this one! We love you and miss you!

  2. When I saw the picture of the “trail” at Zion…it literally gave me “shivers” cause it looked just like the trails we hiked at Glacier!!!! One wrong step and………well I am glad we are all alive!!! haha

  3. This is such an awesome and creative idea! Sounds like you have an amazing sister-in-law. Thanks for letting us all share in your adventures!!

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