she’s so cute I can’t stand it!

We miss this little bundle of cuteness SO much! I wish we could just fly to Cambodia and visit her village and grab her in our arms and give her a million hugs and kisses! Cambodia seems SO far away! But the distance is more bearable when we get pictures and updates! We sent her a Christmas package yesterday and we can’t wait till she gets it! I wonder how she’ll like candy canes and the little red heart shaped sunglasses and the picture Bible we sent!

This is what Phally, our friend in Cambodia, wrote to us:

This weekend Srey Ya staying with my family, She will sleep here and eat here too. Now she is fat than before and tall than before too. The teacher report to me that Srey so smart and quick to understand, obey and alert among her classmate. I’m very happy to hear that from her teacher. Ok you can see some pictures in the attachments. I hopeful you will happy after you see these pictures of Srey Ya big smile.

she's wearing the shoes we got her! And pearls!

her glasses are on upside down 🙂

I don’t know whose smile is bigger, Srey Ya’s or mine! Be still my heart. She. Is. So. So. So. Cute! We feel so privileged to be able to support her and we know God is going to use her in a special way! Please continue to pray that she and her grandmother will trust Jesus and feel his love and care for them!


2 thoughts on “she’s so cute I can’t stand it!

  1. Haha, somehow we always knew Srey Ya would be the smartest girl in her whole class. I wish that we could transwarp her here for Christmas!

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