apple picking in the snow

Saturday 10:30 am- Me, “let’s go apple picking!” Davey, “isn’t it supposed to snow?”

We figured that it we went early enough then we’d beat the snow-storm-that-was-predicted-but-I-didn’t-think-would-even-happen-becuase-it’s-only-October.  Well… we got to the apple orchard and this is what it looked like:

I guess apple picking will have to wait till next year. We did, however, find a place that had AMAZING pizza. So we ordered a pie and some cookies and some apple cider donuts and coffee to dunk them in. Not too bad!

2:30pm- Davey gets a call that they need him to help plow at the church. Is it really snowing that hard I wondered? We left to drive home and we stepped outside to a winter wonderland. It was snowing that hard. Good thing we have a jeep to drive in the snow. Only… the jeep has bald tires. Fabulous.

3:30pm- If Davey wasn’t with me, I would have pulled over to the side of the road and cried. Cars were sliding everywhere! They were in ditches and just stopped in the middle of the road and going 2 miles an hour… actually, that was me going 2 miles an hour. Good thing we ate a whole pizza and cookies and donuts, because if we got stranded with the cars in the ditch, at least we wouldn’t be hungry. Along the way, I managed to stop {without skidding!} at a light and pose for a picture

I’m pointing at the snow in case you’re wondering. It was so weird to have it be snowing, in OCTOBER, when there were bright yellow and orange leaves still on the trees. It actually looked really pretty! Until the snow made the branches too heavy and they cracked off into the road and across power lines.

4:45 pm- we made it safely home. We had only planned to be in NJ for a month, so we only have a month’s worth of “autumn” clothes. With that said, Davey scrounged up the warmest clothes he could find and borrowed gloves and jackets from my brothers. Then off went my California-beach-loving-hates-being-cold husband into the wintry weather.

5:30 pm- He made it to the church and started shoveling. I made him call me when he got there so I wouldn’t worry that he was stranded in a ditch.

7:45 pm- Still snowing. Call Davey. He says they’re still working and might be there all night. I hang up and make a sad face. 😦

9:45 pm- Still snowing. Wishful thinking made me hope that Davey would get off early so we could enjoy the pretty snow by the fire. But by now, I don’t think the snow is very pretty. In fact, I hate it. Davey asks me to pray for all the guys because branches keep falling off the trees. I ask him to look for a helmet to wear and he says he’ll look for one. {Yeah right. He totally didn’t look for a helmet.}

10:00 pm- I’m praying really hard that the branches stay on the trees or that Davey will have spiderman reflexes and duck out of the way in time.

11:30 pm- Everyone else is in bed. I can’t sleep and Davey’s not answering his phone. CRAAACCCKKKK. Outside, branches are falling like crazy and the loud cracking sound is a constant reminder that my husband is probably shoveling without a helmet. I really hate snow right now.

Sunday 12:00 am- Davey calls and says they’ll be there another hour. Sigh of relief from me, but I still can’t sleep, so I wait up and waste time on facebook, which annoys me within the first five seconds because everyone is making comments about the snow. So then I decide to be more productive and so I browse through Pinterest. I found a homemade Cliff bar recipe and a whole wheat tortilla recipe and lots of other pretty things for our house that we don’t have. Much better use of my time if you ask me.

1:45 am- Davey calls from ONLY 100 FEET AWAY from the house and says that a tree is lying across the road and it is tangled up in the power lines. He says he sees sparks coming from the power lines and that he doesn’t want to drive on them. Phew. Even at 1:45 am, and after 8 hours of shoveling, my husband still has his wits about him.

1:50 am- It takes me a few minutes to re route him home because I don’t know any of the street names. When I hang up, I anxiously go stand by the window, watching for him. Dumb snow.

2:15 am- I change my mind and decide that the snow is very pretty again now that my husband is home safely and didn’t get knocked out by a falling tree branch.

2:30 am- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday morning afternoon we wake up and decide to drive to Hoboken for breakfast. The roads look like Armageddon. Here’s the fallen tree by our house. By now, the power lines are lying in a puddle.  Smoking.

It took us longer then normal to get to our destination, Turning Point. but it was worth it. If you’re ever in Hoboken, eat breakfast there. They leave the whole POT of coffee at your table. And you get a lovely view of Manhattan {minus the gross dock}.

All in all, we lived to tell the tale about the time it snowed in October and Davey plowed all night.  Kiss, kiss.


2 thoughts on “apple picking in the snow

  1. I’m so glad that Davey got home safely and will be happy when you can enjoy the nice California weather where it is still in the 70s in October.

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