not all who wander are lost

Tomorrow,we’re driving to my uncle’s cabin in the Adirondack mountains. And just like the picture, we’re gonna make sandwiches, and a flask of coffee , not tea, and put on our matching hiking boots and get lost. {In case you’re wondering, the reason we have matching hiking boots is because Davey scored boots in his size and mine on the clearance rack! Sometimes I wish I had pretty, girly hiking boots, but if my boots were pretty and girly they probably wouldn’t be hiking boots and  so I’m ok with wearing mens boots.}  Anyway, we’re gonna get away from it all and rest and pray and read and drink coffee and pray and journal and eat and hike and pray and canoe and pick apples and pray and have campfires and hike some more and pray. {There will be a lot of praying going on this week.}

We hope to gain clarity as we seek God for what’s next. Maybe we’ll hear him better out in the woods. Hopefully. Until next week…

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            not all who wander are lost…


5 thoughts on “not all who wander are lost

  1. Hey, dear friends…. Our hearts are with you this coming week, and we join you in prayer that you will hear clearly what your next step(s) should be. He is faithful, and loves to bring us in close to hear His heartbeat…His whispers.
    Knowing that He “rewards those who diligently seek Him” — there is no doubt that you will soon know how to set your course. We are truly honored to have the gift of your friendship, and to “do life” with you! Cherie (and Jack)

  2. Hi guys!

    Your posts are great and I enjoy reading each one. I will continue to pray for you – especially this week! I love specific prayers because it’s so much easier to see God in the answers. HE is a rewarder of those who earnestly seek HIM, especially when you take the time (like you are) to be still and know that HE is God.

    Be blessed in all kinds of ways as you seek HIM! Love you guys,


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