maybe someday

My mom and I wandered through Anthropologie the other day. I love that store. I can’t afford to buy anything there, but I still love looking at all the beautiful stuff, imagining how I’d decorate my home if I could afford it. Between saying, “Ooohhh! Look at this!” and “I love this color bowl!” and “Isn’t that so pretty?!”, my mom picked up this glass and showed it to me:

And this simple glass cup got me thinking.

It got me thinking of how often I have recipes I want to try, restaurants I want to eat at, places I want to visit, languages I want to learn, races I want to run, and things I want to do that never become reality because of that simple, yet potent phrase “maybe someday.” Other phrases include, but are not limited to, “There’s always tomorrow” or “Next time”, or “I’ll wait till I have more time”. Well, tomorrow never comes, next time turns into next year and the longer I wait, the less time I have.

We’re spending the month in NJ with my family and so we made a vague list of plans and things we wanted to do while here. Well, because it was a vague list that we made up in a passing conversation, we realized that a whole week already went by and time is moving a lot faster than we are! I feel like it is so easy to spend a whole month waiting for the “perfect someday” to do something. So we decided to be more intentional because next time, maybe someday or tomorrow may never come. Today we sat down and changed “maybe someday” into an actual day on the calendar. It felt good to make a decision, and as trivial as making a decision to go apple picking may be, we’re going on Oct 8th and I can’t wait!

Maybe you have some things you want to do… someday. Maybe it’s something as big as applying for your dream job, or something as small as deciding when to use that gift card that’s been in your wallet for 2 years, maybe today’s the day!

Here are 2 other glasses that I like much better:


{{{Deciding what day to  go apple picking and whether we should make apple pie or apple crisp with our apples is a piece of cake compared to real life decisions like, where we should live or what hospital I should work at or if should we go back to Cambodia. Since we want to do God’s will and follow his leading, sometimes it gets really easy to hesitate and second guess ourselves and worry while waiting and hoping that God will tell us what to do. And it would be really nice if He would write it in the sky or send us a letter in the mail, complete with all the details. But the sky is filled with clouds and we haven’t gotten any mail from God yet… maybe someday :-)}}}


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