sore muscles and the big “what’s next” question

Remember our first workout in 2 months when we were in Cambodia? Well, that might have also been our only workout in three months. Until 2 days ago.

My sister {in-law}, Mandy, is an AWESOME personal trainer here in NJ. I went to her Cardio/Abs class on Monday and it was SO fun but SO hard! Also, I was sore 4 minutes after the workout was over. That night, my arm hurt from scooping my ice cream holding up my toothbrush to brush my teeth.  By the next morning, I was walking around like I was wearing a diaper.

Most trainers {especially the one I’m married to} recommend stretching and rest for sore muscles. I hate stretching and I think rest is boring, so I decided to go to Mandy’s class on Tuesday too. And today I’m even more sore than ever, so now I’m stretching and resting.

And now for the “what’s next” question:

We have no idea.

It kind of feels like we’re on this road:

That question is kind of like my muscle soreness. There’s a lot of stretching and a lot of resting going on in my life right now. Some days I like it, some days I don’t, and of course I’d prefer the security of having a plan and knowing what’s next, but God is using this question-with-the-unknown-answer to stretch me. And I’m resting in the fact that I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know WHO holds the future.

I’m still not a fan of stretching, both figuratively and literally, and I still think resting is kind of boring, but I’m learning to slow down and enjoy the moment and to appreciate this time that God has given us. Plus, it’s fall here in NJ and there are lots of things to enjoy… pretty fall decorations, colorful leaves, delicious pumpkin spice coffee, apples, crisp cool air and fires in the fireplace.


5 thoughts on “sore muscles and the big “what’s next” question

  1. I like the picture which is of the winding road where we are dependent on God … looks EXCITING! I know you guys are looking to God so you will be okay. Blessing to you I pray in Jesus name.

    Don Edel

  2. Had to laugh about the ‘wearing a diaper’ thing!! I know that feeling – I’m back into working out after maybe five workouts in five months, lol, and I’m feeling it! 🙂 We’re praying for you guys and we know there will be many exciting updates to come.

  3. Always “The Who” before “the what”!!! I hope you always live into this! Having said that, I believe that whatever the what is you both will bring so much passion, love and care. Wherever that be (and right now its where you are) you make a tremendous difference by truly “being” there. I MISS YOU!

    Sounds kinda like Dr. Suess!

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