I made a fire all by myself, without a match!

I never went camping growing up.  I also never I build many campfires– my brothers always beat me to it and Davey usually builds our fires when we go camping.  So when I woke up before everyone else when we were camping last weekend, I was pretty excited to try my hand at getting the fire going. But basically I really wanted some coffee and so building a fire was the only way to get the water boiling.

I didn’t have a lighter or a match and it rained the night before, so there were no hot coals or glowing embers. But I really wanted coffee. So, I started the fire with a tissue. I also may or may not have poured some of Davey’s cologne on the smoldering tissue, hoping that the tiny bit of alcohol content would help the tissue burst into flames. Nope. Finally, after inhaling tons of smoke, I got the fire started!

Here is my roaring fire:

And I finally got my coffee.

We had an amazing time camping and hiking {strenuous 4 mile and 5 mile hikes!} with Davey’s mom and Julie at Calavaras Big Trees State Park! Here are some more pictures from the trip:

by the way, Davey carved that spoon for me out of a branch.

Also, we did hear a bear trying to get into the bear box at night. We felt “safe” inside our tent until we realized how easily a bear could rip it open. Then we wished we had our marshmallow roaster sticks with us for a defense just in case. But we survived. And even though it rained on and off, we had a great time hiking among the beautiful big trees, enjoying the warm fire, eating delicious smores and hanging out together.


5 thoughts on “I made a fire all by myself, without a match!

  1. How fun!!! I love camping and this looked like way too much fun. I love the picture of you, Jess, hugging the tree!!! What a giant!!! So glad you are making sweet memories. You deserve it. Make fire girl!

  2. Awesome you go Jess!! Loved the cologne part and your spoon is nice – good job, Davey!! Beautiful pictures too.

    I just went hiking in the Smokey Mountains of TN 2 weeks ago with some friends and it was amazing. Aside from a crazy person we met on the trail with 2 guns and a hatchet.

    We felt your pain with the wet wood but the guys were able to get it going some how too. I’m pretty sure none of them had cologne with them to use though! Can’t wait to see you soon!!!!

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