when in doubt, eat the bacon

Davey’s favorite food is bacon. And since we’ve been celebrating his birthday for the past few weeks now, we’ve eaten a LOT of bacon.

Speaking of birthday’s… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR BROTHERS, Jake and John who happen to have their birthday on the SAME day! You guys are AWESOME!!! Here they are rolling out our isle on our wedding! {It’s the only picture I have of them together} 

And back to the topic at hand: here’s a very helpful diagram of what to do when you drop your food on the floor… including your bacon. As you can see in the 3rd column… when in doubt, eat the bacon. I know Davey does.


3 thoughts on “when in doubt, eat the bacon

  1. Hahaha! Bacon sounds good! Who made that diagram? Davey? Then he really is a teacher! BTW I heard the 5 second rule doesn’t work…

  2. First off, please remember that it could be possible that my personal training clients read this blog, so please don’t reveal all my cheating-with-bacon secrets.

    Now, dropping bacon on the floor is a no-brainer… “Still good.”

    But dropping my bacon in the mud while camping last weekend was much more of a decision-making process. Still, I could have easily passed through all of the analyzing and charting and diagrams, thusly concluding that, “It’s bacon…and the dirt, sand, rocks, pine needles, and leaf bits stuck to it just add to all the delicious camp-flavoring.”

    Bacon: Yum!

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