the birthday celebration continues

We spent the {fabulous} 3 day weekend with our friends, Erik and Julie instead of dealing with the huge pile of clothes that seemed to be growing in our room. Erik’s birthday is 5 days after Davey’s, so we kicked off the weekend with dinner at the Yardhouse.

The word I said most often when in Cambodia was “changan”= delicious and I found myself automatically saying that as we ate. The food was seriously over-the-top-changan! Or maybe I just appreciated it more, having gone 6 months without a good burger and fries…


5 thoughts on “the birthday celebration continues

  1. I must have looked like a kid at the zoo when I walked into that place–it was so huge (restaurant and shopping mall), and the food was a-ma-zing…especially those sweet potato fires. Maybe I’m still referencing everything back to Cambodia…

    Thanks for such a good idea and such a great time, Jess! I love you tons!

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