summer is for grilling

We loveeee grilling… especially in the summer. That was one thing we really missed when we were in Cambodia. 4th of July just isn’t the same when you have rice for dinner instead of a burger. It still feels like summer here in California, so the other night, we grilled delicious burgers with juicy tomatoes from the garden, sweet potato fries and yellow zucchini… mmmm!

Ever since coming back from Cambodia, it seems like everything I eat tastes a million times better than usual. I also think everything is beautiful. For example: “Oooo! Look how pretty the orange sweet potatoes look with that huge flame of fire!” {then I proceed to turn down the heat because black sweet potatoes are not pretty} or “doesn’t my hot pink nail polish look so good next to that yellow zucchini”. {then Davey just nods and smiles and may or may not roll his eyes}. But seriously, I am so glad I gained this new appreciation for the small things in life. God created such incredible beauty and I’m finally slowing down long enough to notice it.

And speaking of beauty, my parents just got back from a 2 week hiking trip in Montana. They are very amazing and hiked 112 miles in 12 days {!!!} and had a few grizzly bear encounters!  You can read about their adventures and check out some amazing pictures here:


7 thoughts on “summer is for grilling

  1. Hey guys!
    Sam and I just wanted to say Hi and let you know that we LOVE your blog, and we hope to see you guys so soon and hear more about your adventures. Ya’ll are so blessed and we are thrilled that God is workin in your lives.
    Clare and Sam

  2. Hey Jess & Davey…love reading your blog to see what God was doing in your lives. You have had an amazing last few months that I’m sure will affect the rest of your lives…I’m praying for you both and keep blogging!
    Love , Dad

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