birthday boy

This guy had a birthday on Saturday…

Remember last year’s amazing birthday surprise? And remember how Davey will turn “the big 3-0” NEXT year? Well, those MAJOR MILESTONES  uh, minor little details left me racking my brain for something cool and memorable to do to celebrate this year. The year that Davey turned 29. The year that I didn’t want to be remembered as the one that was sandwiched between two amazing birthdays… hmmm.

Wellllll, I’m happy to announce that twenty-nine turned out to be pretty FINE!

We celebrated while we were in Cambodia and I surprised Davey with this:

2 weeks before Davey turned 29, he went scuba diving and made the okay sign

But on his actual birthday we did this:

when Davey turned 29 and we wined and dined

Sorry for the all corny “29” rhymes, but I have this weird habit of making a rhyme for every New Years and every birthday {ie: twenty-one-one is gonna be fun!} ok, back to Davey’s birthday…

We spent the day with our friends, Doug and Val in beautiful Sonoma County. We ate delicious waffles and the best bacon I’ve ever tasted, sampled some grapes right off the vine, drove up the coast, stopped at a much anticipated coffee shop that we had been counting down the miles for, only to find out it had closed 10 minutes earlier and they had just dumped out the leftover coffee, had a fit that this was the only coffee shop for miles, got over it and then consoled ourselves with the most amazing artichokes and pizza everrrrr. This year, I held up the white flag and retreated from trying to make a cheesecake and Doug and Val generously ordered one from a local bakery. I don’t even like cheesecake but this one was so gooooooood!

Ahhhhhhh, a birthday centered around food and friends… perfect!

I think Davey’s the coolest guy in the whole world and I’m so glad he was born! I love that man.


4 thoughts on “birthday boy

  1. What a special treat for us to get to celebrate the DAY OF DAVEY with you two! He is such a truly great man and I am excited to see the unfolding of all God’s plans for you both in the days ahead. Your hearts and lives are rich with love, passion and desire to see God made known… living life fully AWAKE!

  2. Good times with good friends! Thank you Jess for another great year spent with you and making my day yet another memorable experience. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year…!

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