in case you’re wondering about the broom

Remember the broom I bought from Shrey ya’s grandmother? In case you’re wondering, it made it back to California in one piece!

I won’t bore you with the details of our 48+ hour journey from Cambodia to Kona, but I will tell you about the broom’s voyage.

As you know, I bought two brooms in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The broom survived the night bus and made it safely to Siem Reap. It sat next to us on the 6 hour bus ride to Phnom Penh. I almost forgot it in our hotel as we loaded the bus to the airport and I actually did forget it on the bus. While standing on line waiting to check our bags, I saw a guy holding a rolled up rice mat and I smiled as I remembered the souviner I’d be taking back. PANIC. I left it on the bus! My calm, cool and collected husband called the bus driver and he generously agreed to come back and bring the broom back to the frazzled, stressed and almost crying wife {uh, that would be me}.

With the broom in hand, we passed through security and customs without a hitch. I did get a lot of weird looks from fellow travelers.

We made it to South Korea, spent our 12 hour layover in a hotel, were asked by the concierge why I was carrying a broom, got a few more weird looks, and then made it back through security and immigration with the broom in hand. And then we saw this:

HEAVEN. {sidenote: If “America runs on Dunkin”, then tell me WHY in the world there’s a Dunkin Donuts in SOUTH KOREA and not in California –or anywhere on the west coast???}

So, we all made it back to Kona in one piece! However, leaving Kona was not so easy. As we were checking our bags, they made us do this:

They told us it was a dual purpose weapon. Seriously? It’s made from flimsy STICKS… and it made it through 4 other airport securities, including Honolulu. Unbelievable. So, we had no other option then to use the whole roll of duct tape to secure it onto our bag.

It made it to California but was not attached to the bag and the red covering was torn off the edge. But it wasn’t broken!

Maybe you think I’m weird that I just wrote a whole blog post about the journey of our broom, or that I even went to such trouble to bring it back home. But it’s all we have left of Shrey ya… and it was so worth it.

Funny thing is, I ended up leaving it in our friend’s trunk. Sigh. At least it’s safely in America 🙂


12 thoughts on “in case you’re wondering about the broom

  1. if you’ve ever seen a kung fu movie, then you know that it is ridiculously easy to beat someone to death with a broom if you are a kung fu master. the tsa is just playing it safe by assuming that everyone that travels is a kung fu master.

  2. This is Doug writing on Val’s account:

    3 thoughts regarding your post:

    1. Maybe you should have clarified that is was as broom not a boom to the TSA officials in Kona.
    2. Duct tape is used to tape metal cylinders that carry air whereas duck tape (if there is such a thing) I suppose would be used to tape ducks that fly in the air.
    3. When you finally retrieve your boom, I mean broom you may want to consider duck taping it to yourself particularly if you are considering flying anytime soon, but not if you are flying with any ducks:)

  3. this was too funny!!! Jess, you crack me up!
    and the DD pic and comment was classic!! seriously…KOREA and not CALIFORNIA!!!! AAAHh!

    ❤ ur blog!

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