a very interesting night

Guess where we are in this picture:We’re on a bus. A night bus. A bus that had sticky vinyl couches as seats and dingy fleece blankets with pictures of unicorns and flowers on them. Don’t worry, we weren’t fooled by the pretty pictures on the blankets… they smelled like durian {the fruit that smells like dirty feet}.

Our friend Kyeong Shik sent us some pictures along with this email that sums up the overnight bus trip perfectly:

Good morning guys,
No seat belt, If there were a sudden brake,  we could have been almost a scud missile!!
Thank God again !!!
Sending fresh & vivid photos from the scene of a disaster.
See you soon.

We boarded the double decker night bus at 8:30pm and climbed up to our “top bunk” seats and patted ourselves on the back with satisfaction. We thought that traveling through the night to get to Siem Reap was the best idea ever because we were saving both time a money. Well, it wasn’t long before we were kicking ourselves in the back for one of the worst ideas ever. It was the worst idea for the following 5 reasons:

First, they made us take off our shoes and put them on a rack at the front of the bus. I refused to take off my shoes and walk on the dirty bus floor that reminded me of a movie theater isle, so I managed to smuggle my flip flops up to my “bed”. {pat on the back for me} Once we got up to our bunk, we found that it was nailed into the most awkward position you could imagine… not high enough to sit, not low enough to lay down, but perfect for a neck cramp. And since it was vinyl, we kept sliding down after finally finding a comfortable position. Second, there wasn’t any space for our luggage, so we had to share an already narrow seat with our bags. Third, it was FREEZING:It was actually a good thing our luggage was within reach because we all put on more clothes and wrapped scarves around our heads. And it was also a good thing that we each had a few water bottles because we ended up stuffing them into the a/c vents that were BLASTING us with ice cold air. Fourth, the bus driver was driving SO fast over the bumpiest roads I’ve ever felt and it was impossible to sleep without being jolted awake by the feeling of falling off the top bunk. And fifth, the bathroom– if you can even call it that. I won’t get into the details, but it was very interesting.

I finally started to fall asleep at 5:30am… right when we arrived in Siem Reap. Needless to say, it was a very interesting night.


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