a fond farewell

Sihanoukville is known for it’s seafood, namely the crabs {and lobster}, so when we heard we were having a crab feast for our goodbye party, we were pretty excited. I found it really weird to actually have to rip off the head and yank off the legs just to get the meat… which was only a small mouth full. These guys are definately not king crabs. Davey even got not one, but TWO crabs full of eggs– which was so gross I wanted to cry. We also found out that some of the group {not me!} had been saying “cooking pot” {chanang} when they meant to say “delicious” {changan}. Chanang–changan… sounds EXACTLY the same when the they say it, but they insist they’re saying two completely different words. We had a lot of laughs about that. Besides the fun times and ‘chanang’  uh, ‘changan’ food at goodbye parties, I think goodbyes are as horrible as those crab eggs. Besides that fact, we had an amazing time with an amazing sunset and amazing new friends!


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