a light hearted post

We thought it would be interesting do a food review of some of the things we’ve eaten while here in Cambodia. Davey wins the award for eating the grosses thing ever: ants.

1. Yam and Sweet Corn Ice Cream- We thought we might have to go without the delicious goodness of ice cream while in Cambodia, but we were wrong! With flavors like Yam, Sweet Corn, Jack Fruit, Durian and Coconut, our ice cream cravings were… uh… “satisfied”?! Coconut has been our favorite… very changan (delicious in Khmer). Yam ice cream was purple and didn’t really taste like a yam. I’d get it again, especially because it can easily justified as being healthy because it’s is a vegetable. Sweet Corn tasted exactly like corn pudding. Not bad, except the frozen chunks of corn mixed in were gross.

2. Baguettes– I could eat that whole pile of baguettes in one sitting. They are soooo good! Cambodia has a lot of French influence in it’s past and I am so happy that the baguettes are one of the things that stuck! Some are crunchy on the outside, others are soft and doughy which I L-O-V-E. I could live on bread…mmmmm!

3. Shakes– for $1 you can enjoy any kind of shake you can imagine. Our favorites are coffee, mango and pineapple. Just stay away from the happy shake… it is made of marijuana.

4. Chicken foot soup– The broth was fine, except it took quite a bit of mental effort not to notice the chicken foot, liver and lungs floating in the soup.

5. Durian– It tastes and smells like dirty feet. The scent of Durian lingers in the air as you walk by the fruit markets. It has a creamy consistency, like an avocado, and if you hold your nose it has a sweet taste, but the odor pretty much overpowers the sweetness and so it tastes like it smells. I think the fact that the skin has big spikes on it is warning enough. Some people love it… I’m just not one of them.

6. Not sure what the name of this is, but it was very sour and way too hard to peel. Again, any fruit with spiky skin should be avoided in my opinion.

7. “Khmer ingredient”– We ordered beef with “Khmer ingredient” the other day. The name of the dish is quite vague and leaves a lot to the imagination. But we were pleasantly surprised and it was delicious! Khmer ingredient is a flavor explosion and we could only recognize the Thai basil and green pepper.

8. Ants– Davey says, “They tasted like they were seasoned with lime salt and oil, with parts that wouldn’t dissolve in my mouth. I just kept chewing on the ant bits that wouldn’t disappear.”


7 thoughts on “a light hearted post

  1. Haha, good for you Davey! But I’m with Jess … I probably would have stayed away from the ants! This was a fun post! Thanks for sharing your culinary experiences 🙂

  2. Wow, I would die for some durian or some durian icecream right now–hey don’t take it for granted; it’s expensive or impossible to get anywhere else in the world! Hey keep up the great work and excellent blogging!

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