little red shoes

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented and asked how they can help Shrey ya! We are so thankful for your compassion and desire to help! We’re in the process of finding out more information on how we can help her, so we’ll let you know soon!

Tuesday morning, 9:00am. I have been waiting for this day since last Saturday– it felt like Christmas morning! Today was the day we gave Shrey ya her little red shoes! When we got to the village, we were so excited to see her running towards us and I couldn’t wait to give her the shoes we bought her. But we had to wait because there were lots of other kids around and we didn’t buy enough shoes for everyone.

We did our usual village activities: sang songs, colored a picture of a butterfly…

{ Today the owner of our hotel and another of the girls who works there came with us to the village! }

… and we gave everyone a toothbrush, which I forgot to take a picture of. But yay for public health initiatives! {fyi 100 toothbrushes= $3!}

After the activities were over, Shrey ya brought us to her house

Her grandmother was home and it was so great to meet her! She is adorable… just like Shrey ya!

I don’t think Shrey ya knew what to do when we first handed her the shoes… it was so cute seeing her reaction– and her grandmother’s smile!


8 thoughts on “little red shoes

  1. I think you found the secret jess of living on the mission field…. Focusing on the one:) love the story of shrey!

  2. Jess, you guys are truly amazing with all that you do! Thanks for sharing. This is a precious story and you can help the tears that come with reading it!

  3. well that little video made me cry…not really sure why as it was a fun moment..she sure is precious..btw thank you for saying htat the video ended…i would of watched 2 min of black πŸ™‚

  4. Awesome video! So beautiful to see you guys give “to one of these little ones”! Thanks for sharing that with us!

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