tears :*-(

Today we went to Fisherman’s Village to do a medical service where we ended up treating over 140 people. Our favorite little girl, Shrey ya, lives in this village and we were SO excited to see her today! I even learned how to say “I love you” in Khmer so that I could say it to her. We’re not sure why this little girl has captured our hearts, but we adore her!

Today we had 4 translators with us instead of just one and we go to hear Shrey ya’s story… and our hearts broke. When Shrey ya was young, her father left their family (not sure why). Then her mother ran off with another man, leaving her with her grandmother who is gone all day working. So this precious little girl is basically alone. After we learned about her story, she got very sad and went inside to go lay on a hammock. You can see the pain in her eyes and even though she’s only 5 years old, I think she understands. And that’s when the tears started.

We’ve probably been crying on and off for a few hours now. We have mixed emotions… glad she still has her grandmother, but so sad at the injustice of it all. HOW COULD YOU LEAVE A CHILD LIKE THIS? We have no idea how, but we know that we HAVE to help her. Unfortunately many Cambodian children have stories like this, but for some reason God has placed Shrey ya so heavily on our hearts and we know that we are in her life for a reason.

Please pray with us for Shrey ya and for her grandmother. And pray that we would find a way to help her.

We’re going to go buy her some red shoes today. Red is her favorite color…


8 thoughts on “tears :*-(

    • Melanie! you’re making me cry even harder! You’re SO sweet! I’ll let you know what we can do when we get more info on how to help her! You’re kids have such a wonderful mother 🙂

      • Yes, Jess this broke my heart too. if there are ways those of us can help from afar please let us know. praying for this sweet child and for you guys too.

  1. Hi Jess and Davey,
    I’ve been following your blog and praying for you both and this story about Shrey ya has touched my heart too. Is there any way we can send you some extra money to help her? I’m sure she is going to love those red shoes! I will be praying for her too!

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