our 1st work out in 2 months…

was awesome.

Picture this:

A public square {aka- large area of concrete with 2 trees} surrounded by a busy street with cars and motos buzzing by. 50+ Cambodians of all ages in normal clothes gathered around a cool looking young guy with a muscle shirt who is dancing on a table to music blasting from speakers. It’s basically like an aerobics class with upbeat Cambodian music.

This is how Cambodians work out. It is awesome. We have been feeling rather lazy having not had any time to work out or stay in shape. We also eat a ton of white rice. So on our day off, we strapped on our velcro sneakers {our Walmart velcro work sneakers are the only ones we brought, haha} and decided to join in! However when we got there, this is what the sky looked like:

Thank God the rain held off!

We had a BLAST and pretty much laughed the whole time. Davey even had a little fan club of ladies who all stopped, pointed at him and gasped when he was doing this one move really energetically. We also had a guy stop on his moto and stare at us for 10 minutes while he smoked a cigarette.
And of course Davey made us stand in the front row

All the ladies gave us a thumbs up afterwards and told us to come back tomorrow. We wished we could, but we have to teach English.

Davey and our new personal trainer

We had a great workout with very nice fellow work outers and we only paid 25 cents each!

p.s.- and we’re really really sore today


2 thoughts on “our 1st work out in 2 months…

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