Today we took a 2 + hour bus ride to crocodile village. {not sure if there are actually crocodiles there…} Anyway, the story of this village is quite amazing. Pastor Jonah was invited to go visit this small village a few years ago. All of his friends warned him against it because all of the villagers were the families of the Khmer Rouge, {the ones who were took part in the genocide} but he decided to go anyway. He brought them food and medical supplies and eventually met the village chief who told him that their village needed 4 things: 1. Water (it hadn’t rained in 6 months and they had no wells) 2. a paved road to the village (there was terrible dirt “road” through thick jungle that prevented travel and took SEVEN hours to walk to the main road to go to town) 3. a school and 4. a building for the villagers to meet in. Pastor Jonah prayed with the chief for those 4 things and within a few hours, it started raining! Over the course of 7 years, they built 7 wells {pictured above}; one of the weathiest men in Cambodia bought some farming land boardering this village and as a result, they paved the roads to be able to access the new land {no more 7 hour trips to town!}; and a church in Korea donated money to build a school and a meeting room! God answered all their prayers and the whole village came to believe in Him!



paved road


3 thoughts on “hope

  1. What an awsome story of this village! It is so wonderful to see how God is working and using both of you. Praying continually for strength and that His love would shine through your lives to draw people to Christ.

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