this and that

Here’s a smattering of pictures for your viewing pleasure:

my strong man

our "bed" at buffalo village

colorful fishing boats

burgers on the beach on our day off


beauty amidst the dirty streets

keeping breakfast away from ants

on the balcony

delicious sour sop and grass jelly juice

not sure what we're about to eat

noodles. {and other "things"}

tuk tuk's-- our typical transportation

Phally- our local guide/friend who can do anything and everything. He drives us around, translates for us, gets us good deals when we go shopping, teaches us Khumer language, takes us out for ice cream just to name a few. He's amazing

Merry Christmas all year long!

enjoying an evening off at the beach

a little boy in the village's sling shot and rock pouch. He told us he aims for the buffalo

family life

I love rhambuton fruit!

swirly tree

our favorite girl at fisherman's village striking a pose. she has the most hysterical personality!


6 thoughts on “this and that

  1. Food fun! Love the little girl… I was thinking about you guys and Nasar in that part of our world serving at the same time. “Dignify those who are down on their luck; you’ll feel good–that’s what God does.” Ps 41:1 from the Message. It goes on to say… “God looks after us all…” I love that you have the heart you do and committed to share your hearts in such an extraordinary way!

  2. Hi Davey and Jess!! Great to get these updates and see all the pictures! It’s incredible and inspiring to see all that you are doing and I praise God for how He is using you! We continue to pray and love you both!!!

  3. Amazing pictures! Thanks so much for sending them. We are continuing to pray that God will use you in mighty ways. God bless!
    Love you, Mom

  4. What a life changing adventure for you two!! Know you are loved by the people you come in contact with, because you are loving and fun! And… you surely stand out in a crowd — kind of like my 5 ft. 10 , redhaired daughter when we were in Japan! Please send me your address so I can send a card.
    love you both,

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