village life

We finally got reliable internet! So hang on for a long update from the village!

Two Fridays ago we went to Buffalo Village. Here are some pictures of the landscape along the 2 hour drive.

We made a stop for water and were bombarded by people selling things.Most of the Cambodians wear long sleeves and pants. Some even wear hats and gloves to shield their skin from the sun… but it’s about 90 degrees with 99% humidity.

When we got there, all the kids and parents were waiting for us.

The kids are off from school right now, but they all came dressed in their uniforms. They are sooooo cute!!!! We all sang songs. We came prepared with a few songs, but didn’t realize we were the main entertainment, so we were all remembering back to the songs we sang in Sunday school (or Top of the Hill for me). We sang Father Abraham, The Lord’s Army, I’ve got the joy joy joy, and when we ran out of ideas, we turned to the hokey pokey. (We worked up quite a sweat… if you can tell by my shirt)

Then we passed out bread a water. Here are some of the children praying before we passed it out. They have more control to keep their eyes closed when praying then I do! 

We also did a medical service for the villagers. They mostly had basic illnesses which could be prevented by simple hand washing, better nutrition and more water. Lack of health care is a huge concern here and so I was glad to help… even if it was just a little bit.

Then we took a much needed lunch break. Our soup is waving at you.

Yup, that’s a chicken foot. And no we didn’t eat it. We ate the legs instead.

Here are a few pics of the kids. They are SOOOO cute!!!!

This boy was smiling a second before I took the picture, I promise.

Six of us stayed the night. Until it got dark, we went on a prayer walk, but didn’t get very far because we asked our guide if we could see her home. We were immediately welcomed in and they gave us some casava (aka tapioka root) and showed us their pigs, sugar cane field and home with pride.

Here are a few more pics from the village

babe vs. lassie



3 thoughts on “village life

  1. Wow Jess, amazing photos. Those kids are so beautiful. Its great your putting your medical training to a good cause. The food looks horrendous! Sorry. Stay safe and thanks for the update. love aunt sandy

  2. Love seeing you both among those beautiful faces of Cambodia! Was that a long house? Must have been an adventurous night! I think your faces are making a lasting memory for many there! And Davey’s teaching and your nursing skills too!

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