On the 4th of July, our group split into 2 teams and we loaded up for the 4+ hour bus ride to Sihanoukville. When we arrived, we were taken to the guest house in an open bed truck. Hang on for dear life!!!

Our guest house definitely does not have any of the comforts of home. No AC, no hot water (which is nice after a hot day of sweating), power that goes out a few times a day, no sheets on the beds, no internet, no toilet paper… but when we look around at the conditions that the Cambodians are living in, we are thankful for what we DO have. Here’s a view from our guest house.

We haven’t stopped sweating since we arrived to Sihanoukville. It’s SO hot here. We’re not allowed to wear tank tops or shorts, it’s impolite to show your knees and shoulders. It’s quite funny because we’re constantly dripping with sweat and the Cambodians have long pants and long sleeve shirts and sometimes a jacket and they aren’t even glistening. We prayed for some relief from the heat the other day and we sure got it. We were in the back of the truck driving to teach at a Bible school and it started pouring rain. We got drenched! But we still shared our testimonies and sang some worship songs and had a great time.

Here’s the lunch they served us:

We also did a small medical clinic and we gave medicine to anyone who was feeling sick. We treated about 20 students.The best part of this day was the children. The Bible college has a program where they pick up kids from the poor villages and drive them to the school and teach them about God and how to speak English. They used to feed them lunch, but the school no longer has support and so the kids come just to learn. They sang us a few songs and they melt your heart. They’re SO cute!

Every night we teach 2 classes of English. I’m probably the farthest thing from a teacher, but the students just love having an American to practice their English with.

We haven’t had much free time since we’ve been here, but yesterday we had a few minutes to do laundry. Aka, hand wash our clothes in a bucket and hang them out to dry. My amazing husband offered to hang up the clothes and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture


We had a treat the other day: MONKEYS! We were driving along saw a bunch of monkeys! They were so entertaining and hysterical to watch

Please pray for our team. We’re all quite tired from long days in this incredible heat. Please pray for strength, patience, opportunities to share the gospel as we teach English and especially for our health. We will be going to stay overnight at a poor village tonight and we’d appreciate your prayers for safety and compassion. Thank you so much!


4 thoughts on “Sihanoukville

  1. We’re praying for you; safety, strength, God’s leading, and that the Cambodians will know God’s love and grace. Keep up the good work.
    We love you,
    Mom A

  2. I love it!! Looks like you finally made it to the heart of your adventure and I am SO thrilled you two get to do this together! Promise me you’ll go to Angkor Wat before you leave Cambodia! My intern happens to be in Phnom Penh right now so if you guys need ANY contacts (let me know—-even t though I realize you are way down south!)—you guys are living the dream and I am proud of you Jess!! Enjoy every moment of it b/c it will go by fast. Praying for you dear friend!

  3. Awesome Jess! The kids look SO cute and happy to be hanging out with you=)…remember when we taught English in Greece…”Friderday…um opps”

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