Phnom Penh

Hello! Sorry for my absence. We thought we’d have internet at our hotel, but we don’t. So our team finally bought some modems and so here I am catching up.

Here are a few more pictures from Phnom Penh.

We went to see the genocide museum and I’ll spare you the pictures. It was heartbreaking to hear how the Khumer Rouge tried to wipe out the Cambodian population. Here Davey is with the only man who survived.

Next stop was equally heartbreaking… the killing fields where people were brought to be tortured and killed. We left with heavy hearts.

Then we did a prayer walk around this “temple on a hill”. One day a lady found a log floating down the river. She cut into the log and found 4 buddah statutes and so she had this temple made for the idols. IT was so sad to see people coming to burn incense and pay alms to WOOD and CLAY statues. There is a desparate need for the truth of God.

The monks here wear bright orange and carry yellow umbrellas. Guess I won’t be getting a yellow umbrella here 🙂


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