we made it!

WEDNESDAY: 3:45 am came very quickly and we were up before the sun to catch the shuttle to the airport.

After a short 30 min flight to Honolulu, we made a b-line for Starbucks. I am borrowing a book called “Where there is no doctor” and it is making me very excited to get to do some medical work in the small village!

Our flight with Korean Air was pretty amazing. Davey loved the slippers they gave us.

Here’s some pictures from the day: After 26 hours of traveling, we arrived in Phnom Penh at 10:45pm. We got shuttles to a hotel and stocked up on water… 8 bottles from $1! Our room was very nice and the best part was the AIR CONDITIONING! I’m not really sure what time it was when we got to bed, but we slept like logs! Here’s the view from our room

We got to wander around a bit and found a fruit market:

We tried dragonfruit, rhambouton and mangostein… yum!

The internet is super slow here, so I’ll try and post more later!


4 thoughts on “we made it!

  1. I understand that kind of heat and I am praying with compassion for you two and your team. I am so blessed to see how you are giving yourselves. I know you have SO much in your hearts and God is with you in this in a big way. I love you both…

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