in Your eyes

We leave for Cambodia in ONE WEEK!

This is an amazing song I heard about seeing people through Jesus’ eyes. I’m listening to it on repeat…

I couldn’t figure out how to put the song on here, so I made a YouTube video out of it. The pictures on the video are from some friends who were just in Cambodia.

If I could walk a mile in Your shoes / I would never pass another stranger or turn away from hunger / I’d be on my knees begging too / Just to show him we are brothers, in this life together

If I could spend a day in Your mind / I’d see the beginning and the end / How it all will work together / How all of history was designed / Just to lead us to our Father and live with You forever

If I could see the world through Your eyes / I would be in sorrow with the widow, comforting the captives / If I could see the world through Your eyes / I would pay forgiveness to my debtor / For sin is not remembered in Your eyes

If I could feel the pain in Your heart / When You gave Your one and only Son / If I could hear the cry of heaven / I would have a different love / For the broken and rejected / In You they are remembered

If I could see the world through Your eyes / I would see the helpless and the stranger / They can’t just help each other / If I could see the world through Your eyes / I would see a broken generation / How we are not forgotten in Your eyes


One thought on “in Your eyes

  1. yay for 1 week left in Hawaii!!!! Yay for Cambodia! Ok, here’s all the Khmer I know:
    girl- srrey
    boy- prok (you kind of swallow the k)
    hello- chum re-ap soo-ah (such a confusing phrase just for “hello”)
    eat rice- nyum bye
    black- kmaow
    Cambodia- sok khmer
    soy sauce- duk sah eww
    water- duk
    thank you- ah kgoon
    1- Muy
    2- be
    3- bye (like “goodbye”)
    4- boon
    5- brahm
    6- brahm muy (so you’re saying “five one”)
    7- brahm be (five two)
    8- brahm bye
    9- brahm boon
    10- dop

    and of course, my middle schoolers favorite word: fart- palm (said just like palm tree, so whenever I said “palm tree” the kids would giggle and say “eww, smelly trees” it was like their little joke.)


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