the hole

I heard about this lady who just moved to San Diego. She was looking for an apartment, which was extra challenging because she had a dog and most apartments aren’t pet friendly. Finally after a few days, she found a place that would allow her furry friend to live there too. It had a little grassy yard in the back and her dog {let’s call him Rover} loved to play in it. It wasn’t long before Rover dug a huge hole. The lady was so embarrassed as she told the landlord, but he just took a shovel and filled the hole back up. This happened over and over for a month. Rover would dig a hole and the landlord would go fill it up. One day the lady came home from work and peeked nervously into the back yard. To her surprise she saw her landlord planting a tree in the hole.I really like this story. I tend to spend so much time filling up the holes rather than using them for a bigger purpose. I resist what God is doing, rather than just going with it. Over the past 3 months, not much has gone according to my plans. Those things are my “holes”. It seems pointless to keep filling them back up only to be dug up again. So now I’m trying to plant “trees” in the holes of my life. To look at what I consider an inconvenient disappointment and “put a tree in it” and see how I can use the situation to grow. It reminds me of the saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”…a.k.a: make the best of every situation. So, I’d like to take my “backyard” that looks like swiss cheese, and turn it into a beautiful forest {with God’s help of course because the trees are too heavy for me to lift}…

So there’s my little pondering for the day. We leave for Cambodia in TWO WEEKS and our TWO year anniversary is this Monday! Woah! Time flies! Thanks for all your prayers and support!


10 thoughts on “the hole

  1. Love it! …SO cute-make your swiss cheese backyard a forrest! Good post Jess=) miss you. Happy early anniversary!!!!!!

  2. I always love to read your posts!!! This is a wonderful message and you always seem to make the best of everything. Thank you for helping me to do the same good luck to you too 🙂

    • Brenda! You made my day with your sweet comment! Sometimes I have to write these blogs in order to make myself make the best of things 🙂 Hope you’re doing well! Brooklyn is adorable and I LOVEEE her name!

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