prison break

I want to share a pretty incredible story. For this person’s safety, I can’t say the name or the country where this happened, but nevertheless, the story is amazing. And I got to meet this person yesterday!

A pastor was in prison for preaching the gospel and for leading a huge, growing church. One night, the pastor was praying and doors to the jail cell swung open and none of the guards were around! The pastor had a friend in prison who’s legs were so badly beaten, that he couldn’t walk. Miraculously, that night, they both walked out the open cell door and escaped. When they got outside it was raining. God spoke to them and told them he sent the storm to cover their scent so the dogs couldn’t track them. And now they are free!

Isn’t that amazing?! It is such a perfect picture of the powerful God that we serve. And it inspires me to pray, even more, for persecuted Christians around the world.

We’ll soon be sending out an update with more details about what we’ll be doing in Cambodia. We’re 26 days away from our departure and there is a lot that needs to get done before then. Please pray for us, even now, that we would have wisdom in the planning process, we would be able to get our vaccinations and visas easily and God will keep us safe and healthy {it will be monsoon season which means there will be lots of disease carrying mosquitoes}. Please pray for unity among our teams and wisdom for our leaders. Please pray for courage and confidence as we prepare to share Jesus with the people of Cambodia… pray that God would prepare the people’s hearts even now. Also pray for humility and love as we adjust to the Cambodian culture. And please pray for protection and growth in our own relationship.

Since we are volunteers with YWAM, this trip is made possible by the financial gifts and generosity of others. We still need $ 3,887 to make this trip a reality. If you would like to partner with us, you can donate right here on our blog. We are so humbled and honored by the generosity we have already received and would like to thank you for investing in our lives as we train for missions, and also investing in the Kingdom of God. Thank you for your support, prayers and encouragement!


One thought on “prison break

  1. It was so amazing that man came to the farm to meet you guys. He was very humble, and has a true modern-day Paul story.

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